The Adventures of the Forget Me Nots

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4: A Boon and a Bane

November 16, 2021

A ship and a Second Mate with a taste for trouble and a sea monster with a taste for treasure. What could go wrong?


Content warnings for this episode: 

- Loud screeching

- Injuries, including head wounds

- Arguments

- Child in peril

- Gunshots

- Violence against supernatural creatures


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The Team:

Created by Cady Bailey

Written by Cady Bailey and Molly Borowiak

Edited and Sound Designed by Gaby McDonald

Produced by Cady Bailey and Gaby McDonald


Voice actors featured in this episode:

Rory Eggleston as Zinkus McGee

Cameron Sterling as Dove

Mac Gagné as Iroya Meldin

Ashley Ericson as Retta Mendenhall

Lia Eggleston as Tas Sylstara

Molly Borowiak as Gisella Sylstara

Aidan Iannarino as Corwin Notely and the Sea Bane

Jamie Wang as Oakie Lingaur

Greg Bastian as Otto Lingaur


The Ballad of the Sea Bane was arranged by Gaby McDonald with lyrics by Cady Bailey and Gaby McDonald


Sounds used in this episode: 

Episode 4


New and def in episode

Ceramic and Glassware set down by bbrocer, 


Table Slam by KenRT 


Water draining by Coltures 


Water Pour by Puniho 


Lizard eye blink by DJ Burnham 


Biting, crunchy by InspectorJ 


Crunching, Wooden Fence, B by Inspector J 


Uncompressed cannon by baefild 


Cannon by Kneeling 


Rolling Balle Wood Floor- various by twinpix 


FootballTable by LukeUPF


Hand elbow impact on tile, porcelain, bathroom sink by SpliceSound 


"Water, Pouring, A.wav" by InspectorJ 


"Splash, Small, A.wav" by InspectorJ 


"Broken Egg Squelch" by 

"Plastic crunch - long.wav" by spaciecat 

"Gun shot" by schots

"squishy_flesh_thingy_seamless.wav" by 1urker 

“Tentacle Snap” by wilhellboy 

Very quick Splash and squishy sound by aarrnnoo 

"WOOD_CREEK_LONG_001.wav" by JoelAudio 


slice apple on wood_fizz.wav by bajko 


"Jumping Human" by elynch0901 


"Cutting vegetable onion" by dersuperanton 


"Thud3.wav" by yummy9987 


Waves Crashing Against Wall/Breakwater.wav by Ali_6868 


"Wind, Realistic, A.wav" by InspectorJ 


20030103OregonCoastStormGotMe.flac” by daveincamas 


As well as previously credited artists