The Adventures of the Forget Me Nots

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3: Thorn in the Side

October 5, 2021

Are those banjos in the distance? The Forget Me Nots encounter their old rivals, which can only mean one thing: Battle. But perhaps the real trouble lies a little closer to home…


Content Warnings

  • Sword Fighting (inc. sfx)
  • Violence
  • Shouting
  • Mentions of: gaslighting, parental neglect, blood, food, violence on school property 


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Special thanks to DonnyFast Productions for producing the Iron Banjo Riff, written by Gaby McDonald


The Team:


Created by Cady Bailey

Written by Cady Bailey and Molly Borowiak

Edited and Sound Designed by Gaby McDonald 

Produced by Cady Bailey and Gaby McDonald


Voice actors featured in this episode:


Rory Eggleston as Zinkus McGee 

Cameron Sterling as Dove

Mac Gagné as Iroya Meldin

Ashley Ericson as Retta Mendenhall

Lia Eggleston as Tas Sylstara

Molly Borowiak as Gisella Sylstara

Aidan Iannarino as Corwin Notely

Jamie Wang as Oakie Lingaur

Cady Bailey as Celia Nunally and Dia

Gaby McDonald as Hawthorne Pembrell

Exit music is Urban Gauntlet” by Kevin MacLeod


Sounds used in this episode include previously credited sounds as well as the following; 


“Sword Training 1” by Timblerg 

“Wind-up2” by timgormly 

“Gears” by sidequesting 

“Small Gears (From Water Trickling)” by kaydinhamby 

“Creaking Chair straining under stress slow cracking” by MattRuthSound 

“Whoosh” by qubodup 

“Teeth Snapping” by LucasDuff 

“Coin Jingle” by The_Butterflys_Wing

“Sword Against Sword” by Fenodyrie 

“oof’ by qdo 

“Thump_thud_slam_fist_heavy” by bouncyballblue

“Kick hit” by bolkmar

“Fabric Ripping” by HarpyHarpHarp 

“Clean Creaks” by Apenguin73 

“Lake waves- 2014” by naturenutt

“Smashing an acoustic guitar” by Mystovski

“Petting Long, Coarse Fur” by Kawgrim

“Annoyed 01” by Larakaa 

Ambient battle noise: swords and shouting” by pfranzen

“Body falling” by NeoSpica (people falling)