The Adventures of the Forget Me Nots

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2: If the Crew Fits

September 7, 2021

It’s time for the Forget Me Nots to send their guest home and get their reward, but someone else has their eye on the prize too...


Content Warnings:

Runaway pet 

Sad/distressed child

Fight/violence against humanoid mythical creature

Parental neglect

SFX: bird flapping/cawing, chewing

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The Team:


Created by Cady Bailey

Written by Cady Bailey and Molly Borowiak

Edited and Sound designed by Gaby McDonald 

Produced by Cady Bailey and Gaby McDonald


Voice actors featured in this episode:


Rory Eggleston as Zinkus McGee and Mermaid 2

Cameron Sterling as Dove

Mac Gagné as Iroya Meldin

Ashley Ericson as Retta Mendenhall

Lia Eggleston as Tas Sylstara

Molly Borowiak as Gisella Sylstara

Aidan Iannarino as Corwin Notely

Greg Bastian as Otto Lingaur and Mermaid 3

Jamie Wang as Oakie Lingaur

Cady Bailey as Intro voice, Mermaid 1, and Guard 2

Gaby McDonald as Outro voice, Larry, and Guard 1



Outro music: “Urban Gauntlet” by Kevin MacLeod




“Brick Drop on Gravel 1” by dichardson


“Chewing Cereal” by Luthien22


“Swallow water” by anagar


“Plastic_crumple” by Jamitch2


“Trap door open” by BehanSean


“Small Bird Flying” by XfiXy8


“Splashing, Jumping, F” by InspectorJ


“Paper bag ruffle” by Chubbers1995


“Flapping Foley” by bbrocer


“Door squeak 3” by Sandermotions


“Glass Smash, Bottle, G” by InspectorJ


“J7_fire extinguisher” by Iamgiogio


“Large Splashes” by CGEffex


“Sword_Sounds_01” by Tabook


“Hitting in a Face” by forianreichelt


“Spoon clattering (1)” by chemicalcrux


“Metal pans” by pokopish


“Wet_Slaps” by HerbertBoland


“Wet_BubblesNBreathing” by HerbertBoland


“Heavy Money Bag-3” by SpaceJoe


“Dropping coins” by 1histori


“Steps on the wooden floor” by mario1298


“Steps on wooden stairs” by ElGeorgia


“Bubbles 002” by ristooooo1


“Push doorhandle lock metal door” by lwdickens


“Bubbles 004” by ristooooo1


“BsGr(19f, 1s)[62]~v06” by quartertone


“Footsteps_down_stairs_1” by sinatra314


“Flames 1” by shastarocks


“Bubbles 001” by ristooooo1


“Frying an egg” by alirabiei


“Hit-wood08” by JanKoehl


“Big thud2” by Reitanna


“Pumpkin Guts Squish 5” by MWLANDI


“Pumpkin Guts Squish 4” by MWLANDI


“Gun-CockBack” by MGA95


“Olla 10-1eqa_01” by timlaroche


“POOL SWIMMING L-R” by tbsounddesigns


“Clapping” by Clagnar


“Cheer 2” by jayfrosting