The Adventures of the Forget Me Nots

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About Us

August 1, 2021

About Us

We are a small team of twenty-somethings producing an original audio drama about the high seas adventures of a chaotic pirate crew. The show seeks to center LGBTQIA+ stories and voices and celebrate the joy and family found in queer spaces. Our stories often focus on the painful parts of being queer, so we want to change the narrative by adding more fun and joyful queer stories to the world. 



Meet The Crew

Cady Bailey

Creator, Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Director, Voice of Celia Nunally and Dia



Gaby McDonald

Co-Producer, Editor, Voice of Hawthorne Pembrell and Larry



Molly Borowiak (she/her)

Co-Writer, Voice of Gisella Sylstara



Rory Eggleston (she/her)

Voice of Zinkus McGee


Mac Gagne (she/her)

Voice of Iroya Meldin


Ashley Ericson (she/her)

Voice of Retta Mendenhall



Cam Sterling (they/them)

Voice of Dove


Lia Eggleston (she/her)

Voice of Tasavel Sylstara



Aidan Iannarino (he/they)

Voice of Corwin Notely, Tyvold Erenhall, the Sea Bane


Greg Bastian (he/him)

Voice of Otto Lingaur



Jamie Wang (she/they)

Voice of Oakie Lingaur and Astram



Tess Redman (she/her)

Voice of the Mechanical Waiter and Madame Decourtaire